The way we experience culture has changed — would you agree?

Today, we want to go beyond seeing an exhibition or attending a performance, to get behind the scenes, see how the art was made, and understand the mind and milieu of the artist. We want to exchange our impressions of the art with friends and colleagues near and far.

We expect to have these experiences in galleries and theaters, at educational and social events, on the street, and online — via multiple, interconnected platforms and networks where we are as much actor as audience-member.

If we experience culture differently, the way we create culture must also change.

To deliver great art experiences across the intersecting platforms that inspire our audiences and communities, the way we design and deliver artistic content must be finely choreographed, beginning at the initial stage of creative development. Artists’ stories and their creative processes can be engagingly articulated and creatively documented to appear in carefully orchestrated narratives across multiple platforms. From the earliest planning stages to the final execution of any cultural offering, media, from traditional to digital and social, can be used inventively, coherently, and efficiently to provide opportunities for more meaningful audience engagement.

Often, the skill sets necessary to implement the most innovative, multiplatform cultural projects (content strategy, interpretive and multimedia planning, media production, audience engagement) do not exist within traditional nonprofit organizational structures or internal resources are not aligned to take advantage of these new opportunities. Major, complex projects are frequently presented through partnerships between cultural and civic organizations where successful, creative collaborations require positioning, planning, and skilled management.

This is where ArtRise Projects comes in.

ArtRise Projects brings together teams of experienced creative strategists, content developers, and arts producers to help our clients create new modes of engagement in contemporary culture.

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Image Credits

Anandamayi Arnold, What We Do, 2013; paper collage with acrylic paint. © Anandamayi Arnold and ArtRise Projects.