ArtRise Projects brings together teams of experienced creative strategists, content developers, and arts producers focused on creating new modes of engagement in contemporary culture.

ArtRise Projects works with arts administrators, philanthropists, and visual culture enthusiasts to plan, produce, and promote innovative projects. We collaborate with clients and creative teams to develop exhibitions, programs, and digital initiatives that engage audiences in resonant cultural experiences.

What can ArtRise Projects do for clients?


  • Develop strategic plans for organizations and projects with a focus on innovative programs and audience engagement
  • Conduct market intelligence research to inform innovation and the development of new initiatives


  • Produce cultural projects, exhibitions, events, and online experiences
  • Direct major collaborative endeavors for civic organizations and institutional partners


  • Broaden and deepen user engagement with organizations and projects on physical and digital platforms
  • Enable users to be promoters of content; enable promoters to become organizational stakeholders
  • Expand attendance and traffic
  • Increase earned and contributed revenue

Image Credits

Anandamayi Arnold, What We Do, 2013; paper collage with acrylic paint. © Anandamayi Arnold and ArtRise Projects.